The key element
It is a targeted and sustainable activity that gathers and perfects promising ideas for innovation.
It can refer to operational and commercial management, product and service innovation, image and any business sector.

ETIKA Project
Our method of managing innovation is represented by a flow that progresses in the process of acquisition, improvement and selection of the best development ideas; the database of these ideas will become the client company's innovation portfolio.
We drive the company through the nuances of change, providing support, motivation, communication and evidence to support its merits; the introduction of new processes will take place in a planned and gradual manner, to allow innovation to be successful.
The international profile of our managers and their capacity; operational represent the real strength: profiles oriented to critical solutions and continuous improvement of processes.

Direct and indirect goals
The analysis, revision and innovation of the company processes is aimed at ensuring the performance of the tasks with greater efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring continuous information and a complete vision by the company management.
The exploration of new Markets, the reengineering of the processes of credit protection and the development of commercial and marketing strategies will allow to maintain competitiveness, implement growth and minimize reputational and credit loss risks.