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Credit Management Consulting and Strategies


Our network consists of native speaking correspondents and negotiators operating in over 100 countries around the world. Etika Consulting covers the whole international reality with various percentages; we are present in:

Other countries 69%

We also provide an international debt collection service for companies, individuals and public administrations that claim credit outside their country of origin, operating through a structured procedure on international territory with concrete objectives and measurable results.

The professionalism and regularity of the recovery activity carried out is guaranteed by a certified quality system that provides each project with a specialized consultant who is able to develop a focused strategy and to hypothesize times, costs and procedures for the complete success of the project.

Due to the experience gained over the years and the technology available, we are able to follow every phase of the corporate credit management process: the pursuing of debtor’s assets, extrajudicial recovery, judicial recovery, foreclosure, advisor regarding the assignment of defaulted debts and the drafting of the report of irrecoverability.  

The international profile of our managers and their operational capacity represent Etika’s true strength: consultants oriented to solving critical issues and to the continuous improvement of the processes that lead to the effective recovery of your credit in the shortest possible time. Investing in us means accessing the best possible strategy on the market in order to recover a seemingly inaccessible credit.

We are able to follow every phase of the project and give you your credit or offer you advice on the best strategy to apply in your specific case; show you the way to achieve your goal: because your success is ours too.  

Global Debt

Debt collection activity is very complex; it requires a strategy that is planned in advance and which considers many variables.


Credit &
Risk Audit

Credit management is one of the strategic survival elements for many companies of any size and turnover.


Real Estate
Asset Management

Real estate consultancy and management: legal, technical and administrative activities for institutional and private investors.


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