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Global Debt Collection


Debt collection activity is very complex; it requires a strategy that is planned in advance and which considers many variables: that is why it is necessary to approach a listed and, above all, reliable company. Etika Consulting manages the projects with a performance expected to be far above that of the market performance. All this is made possible by the presence of an independent network divided into teams that, not only develop the recovery strategy, but also actively apply it worldwide, involving the best partners for the type of assignment and nature of the project.

For example, in Italy, 35.6 million recovery practices are entrusted annually to Debt Collection Companies, of which 12.1 million are managed successfully. The situation is even more prosperous worldwide: according to the Global Debt Collection Services Market Report, the chances of success increase every year thanks to the creation and preparation of new strategies. Each sector, however, has its own peculiarities and case histories and despite the comforting data, choosing the right company can really make a difference. A network like that of Etika knows no crisis thanks to its heterogeneity: composed of carefully selected correspondents and negotiators who are native speakers and operating in over 100 countries around the world. The level of performance is extremely high: after an initial fact-finding consultation and data analysis, it is possible to draw up a report that verifies the status of the credit to be recovered, the timeframes and the success rate of the project with pinpoint accuracy.

At this point, the international network on which the system is based comes into play: direct debt collection activity is guaranteed, for private and public administrations that claim credit outside of their country of origin. Etika Consulting provides quick responses while not increasing the costs of the recovery procedure. The professionalism and regularity of the recovery activity carried out is guaranteed by a certified quality system. Global coordination of international activities takes place in Germany.

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Our network consists of native speaking correspondents and negotiators operating in over 100 countries around the world.


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