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Credit & Risk Audit


Credit management is one of the strategic survival elements for many companies of any size and turnover. Scheduling a Credit Audit intervention is like deciding to go for a medical check-up: necessary, sometimes long, but often salvific. Analysis is important for the development of a strategy, which is in turn essential for finding the correct solution.   

The Credit Audit establishes elements, phases, activities and persons involved in the management, granting and eventual monitoring and recovery of corporate debt within the scope of the functionality of receivables. It provides for the mapping of existing business processes and procedures, through the order to payment system; that is, from the moment in which a client commissions a job or orders a product, to when the job is approved and an invoice is issued (whether it is paid or not).

The Credit Audit is always accompanied by a risk audit. In debt collection, just like in the medical field, there are risks; to minimize them it is necessary to establish an effective and comprehensive strategy. Over the years Etika has managed projects for over 900,000 requests by both private and public companies, always aiming to achieve:

  • The best result
  • Client satisfaction
  • Optimal management of the relationship with the debtor
  • Quality of recovery processes (documented in a careful final report)

The Credit & Risk Audit due to its nature and with the aim to succeed, is divided into three key phases:

  1. Context analysis: identify, organize and separate the internal and external processes of the company by developing an active analysis of the situation, trying to predict the development of each case on a large scale.
  2. Identification of risks: identify and predict potential risks (internal and external) through the mapping of the elements making up the process from the order to the payment. When the origins of a risk have been identified, the right actions can be implemented to eliminate, reduce or control it, but above all it is possible to prevent history from repeating itself: erasing the possibility that the same problem may occur again. Suitably controlling the risk factors in order to reduce their impact on the company’s operational and financial performance and activating periodic monitoring systems to verify their emerging risk factors is one of the key points of any successful intervention.
  3. Development of a strategy: the last phase of our project involves the development of a strategy aimed at the success of the credit recovery through the assistance of a credit manager, a law firm or in full autonomy on behalf of the interests of the public or private company.

Our commitment is to build solid partnerships with our clients, helping them to maximize the value of their credits through a fast and personalized judicial or extrajudicial recovery procedure, which is effective but above all reflects the values of the company in all respects.            

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Debt collection activity is very complex; it requires a strategy that is planned in advance and which considers many variables.


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