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Real Estate - Asset Management

We support the asset management responsible with the most suitable solutions. Our goal is to identify the
best deals on the market with taylor made proposals for the needs of our clients.

Only through targeted choices and well supported by financial plans, correct periodic reporting and
investment planning, owners and investors will be able to optimize the return on their resources.

ETIKA Consulting provides companies and individuals with all necessary tools for a 360 degree consultancy.

  • Market analysis
  • Resource inventory
  • Due diligence and solution of critical issues
  • Definition of activities necessary for the intended purposes
  • Preparation of financial plans
  • Database of companies, individuals, owners and buyers
  • International network of professionals

Global Debt

Debt collection activity is very complex; it requires a strategy that is planned in advance and which considers many variables.


Credit Management
Consulting and Strategies

Our network consists of native speaking correspondents and negotiators operating in over 100 countries around the world.


Credit &
Risk Audit

Credit management is one of the strategic survival elements for many companies of any size and turnover.


If you are:

A recovery agency
A law firm
A Credit Manager
A Business Consultant

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